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Neufeld wins PANNOTECHNIKUS 2023

Neufeld wins PANNOTECHNIKUS 2023

The Burgenland Industrial Association organized the 6th PANNOTECHNIKUS Physics Competition for primary school children. About 50 children from Burgenland demonstrated their knowledge of natural sciences and technology. Newfield Primary School won this year’s physics competition.

Under the slogan “Children in Technology,” children participated in the competition held at Pinkafield University of Applied Sciences. They conducted the experiment at four stations in the areas of technology and natural sciences. The final round of the competition was a quiz show where the children had to show their knowledge and expertise. The Neufeld Primary School team won, ahead of the teams from Oberwart, Stadtschleining, Morbisch and Webersdorf Primary Schools.

IV Burgenland

PANNOTECHNIKUS teams on the quiz show with Bernhard Weingartner.

The awards were presented to the winners by Daniel Baumann, School Quality Director of the Oberwart District, Matthias Unger, Vice President of IV-Burgenland and Managing Director of Unger Stahlbau, and Aneko Benko, Managing Director of IV-Burgenland. The prizes included a visit to the Technical Museum in Vienna as well as digital workshops of the Industrial Association on the topic of electric motors.

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