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Beta 5 von iOS 15 und iPadOS 15 für Entwickler ist da

Apple releases iOS 15.0.1 and fix iPhone unlock via Apple Watch

An apple Has a little update for tonight iOS 15 posted to all users. You can now download and install iOS 15.0.1. Among other things, the update fixes the error that caused iPhone to be unlocked via Apple Watch Banned while wearing a mask. In addition, another problem has been identified with Iphone 13 fixed.

Apple released iOS 15.0.1 to all users tonight. This update fixes a bug that has caused a lot of discontent among many users in the past few days. This means that the Apple Watch can no longer be used to unlock the iPhone if the user has to wear a mask. The problem was primarily on the iPhone 13, but other users were also reported to be affected.

The bug is also fixed in iOS 15.1, but fortunately users don’t have to wait that long for this update to be available to the general public.

The memory full error message also disappears

In addition, with the update to iOS 15.0.1, Apple is also working on fixing the bug that caused settings error message saying iPhone memory is full.

It is not yet clear if other bugs such as touch input difficulties have been fixed with the patch.

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