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New CEO and CFO of Volkswagen's Traton

New CEO and CFO of Volkswagen’s Traton

The Traton is listed on the stock exchange, but is majority-owned by the Volkswagen Group, which includes truck brands such as Scania, MAN and US manufacturer Navistar under the Munich-based company’s umbrella. Under Gründler’s leadership, Traton last year agreed to acquire Navistar, a competitor to Freightliner subsidiary Daimler. His fellow board member, Schulze, played a significant role in Traton’s 2019 initial public offering. Grundler has now stated that the “world champion” strategy has been implemented faster than expected. “Now it’s about leading Traton into a sustainable future that transcends traditional business models and ways of thinking.”

electric car direction

Future Traton president Levine has announced that he will present a comprehensive plan by the end of the year, including the trend toward electric vehicles, the integration of Navistar and more investment in China. In addition, more funds will have to be saved through the module. The VW Group also follows this strategy for passenger cars. New CFO Danilsky also stated that one of her first tasks will be the full integration of Navistar.

The struggling subsidiary MAN will likely remain a construction site for managers: the company’s location to build electric cars will be shifted. 3,500 jobs will be cut in Germany.

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