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Why we often ignore red flags when dating

Why we often ignore red flags when dating

You’ve met someone, and you’ve already gone on a few dates, but you still feel bad? You ignore all the phrases that usually set off alarm bells. Is it possible to ignore the so-called red flags i.e. no gos when dating? That I’m not alone in this.

What are the red flags anyway?

The literal translation of the two words “red flags” means nothing more than “red flags”. But what does this mean? When matching the color red, the term describes warning signs that can appear in different areas of life – but especially in dating. While some always heed these warning signs and are deterred by red flags, there are many who skip them.

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Why do we ignore red flags when dating?

There are so many reasons why we continue to ignore the warning signs when dating and tolerate our no-gos, even though alarm bells are ringing deep within us. Here are 5 different reasons to ignore red flags when dating.

1. You are afraid of being alone

If you’ve been single for a long time and a new partner for a long time, the red flags are very likely to be ignored. After just a few meetings, you will often notice that the date continues to show you behavior that is actually unacceptable. However, we still meet and hope that everything will be fine after all. This may be due to the fear of loneliness or even the fear of losing. If you keep catching yourself thinking like “my best partner is not 100% a match for me than no partner at all,” you may be ignoring all the warning signs.

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2. You see it through rose-tinted glasses

Your date keeps putting you off, acting inappropriately towards you, but you only focus on the positive qualities and constantly overlook the negatives? It often happens that one tends to overlook warning signs or mistakes, especially in the early stages of a relationship. No wonder, after all, people still wear the famous “rose-colored glasses” at this time. But be warned: if even your personal environment is bringing your mate’s misbehavior to your attention and you keep inventing new excuses to justify his behavior, you should really think about whether the criticism is justified. Pay Attention: Are You Being Manipulated Emotionally? You can tell by these signs!

3. You suffer from helper syndrome

Many people constantly feel the need to help others or the desire to change them. You think you can solve someone else’s problems. You, too? And so don’t dump your date because you think his or her behavior will eventually change under your positive influence. If this happens to you, you may have helper syndrome. With a lot of effort, you might even be able to reverse the polarity of your date. But beware: You must realize that such a relationship will not make you happy in the long run.

4. You have a hard time letting go of people

In fact, after a few dates, you already realize that your counterpart is waving some red flags. But you’ve already bonded, and since it’s hard for you to let go of other people anyway, you keep seeing him or her, hoping that the relationship will work out in the end.

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5. You struggle with a lack of self-esteem

Many people with low self-esteem tend to settle for less than they deserve. They are not able to see their own value. If you struggle with low self-esteem, you may find yourself ignoring red flags when dating. You may be afraid of not being able to find anyone, and therefore accept behaviors that you don’t find acceptable in reality. In this way, you can strengthen your self-confidence and learn to love yourself. Do you want to become more confident in yourself? Then the power pose is just right for you.

This is why you shouldn’t ignore red flags when dating

Especially when dating, it’s important to pay close attention to the warning signs. When you meet someone, you need to be attentive and always respect your boundaries. Pay attention to your needs and be aware of certain behaviors in your date that set off alarm bells. Because: It’s better to be alone than trapped in an unhealthy relationship.