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Don’t accept everything!  Top 3 ways to train your quick wits!

Don’t accept everything! Top 3 ways to train your quick wits!

The basics in brief

  • Flexibility can be trained. We will give you good tips and 3 ways that will help you right away.

  • An important rule when responding: always be genuine, respectful, and polite.

  • Find a tactic that works for you.

Cast another stupid spell and find it hard to counter? There are some strategies to improve your wit speed. How to get the wind out of other people’s sails in inappropriate situations!

In the clip: With these 3 tips, you’ll instantly become quick-witted

Tips for your quick wit

Do you also find it very difficult to find the right words in certain situations and in some comments? Sometimes days later we are still thinking about what we could have said and regretting that we missed the moment to get a perfect answer. It’s the same for everyone, but it doesn’t help us in the long run! Instead of getting frustrated about not saying anything or not saying the right thing, it is now important to learn from mistakes and prepare for similar situations.

What is the secret behind quick wit? People with quick wits have the ability to respond quickly and with appropriate words to the behavior of others – at best even with little wit. This is not just a small victory, but it may make the other person question and reflect on their behavior. However, the truth is that not all of us have the gift of quick reaction.

Can you learn quick wit?

There are people who are naturally very intelligent and have the right words ready for every situation. Isn’t that the case for you (yet)? Don’t worry, it’s not that easy, but a certain level of quick wit can definitely be learned!

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You need to be quick witted

First of all, there are some things that are pretty much essential to quick wits that you can acquire in a number of ways. Sometimes, it’s enough to realize that quick answers aren’t rocket science, but just a good bundle of characteristics. To get a representative, you will need:

  • courage: Perhaps the most important point. Remind yourself that speaking up (mostly negative) situations and inappropriate comments is OK and absolutely necessary.
  • Arguments: Using the right arguments, you will be able to defend your opinion in stressful situations. The better the arguments, the more confident you will feel. Of course, you can’t be prepared for everything. It makes sense here to consider some possible scenarios and find general answers that can give you security and satisfaction.
  • joke: Everything always includes a slight wink! Wrap your answer in a little humor and maybe even a smile if the situation allows. This removes the wind from your opponent’s sails!

Best tips for quick wit answer

Repartee means standing up for yourself or others and expressing your opinion without getting stuck in an endless monologue. On the contrary, the secret to a good counterattack is to keep it short and direct. It also feeds on the element of surprise. Here’s how it works:

Get to know the situation

Quick answers are helpful and sometimes necessary, but not always. Correctly assess the situation and remember that your reaction must match. Means: You may face things differently with friends or family than with your boss, for example.

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Don’t put yourself under pressure

Especially in the beginning, it can be difficult to react the way you imagined it in your cinematic head. Be patient and accept that a counterattack does not happen overnight. Even the most intelligent people get confused sometimes. Don’t run away from the situation, but don’t force the answer either. Then it will generally be much easier for you!

Avoid provocation

You may have already had some situations where other people – consciously or unconsciously – provoked you with their statements. A quick answer requires composure. Don’t take it seriously and don’t let stupid comments get to you. Just don’t take everything personally and don’t let the situation escalate!

Pay attention to your body language

A good counterattack also includes the right body language. The safer you feel, the more radiant you will be. Make sure you are in an upright and relaxed position and do not start contractions! On the one hand, this is absolutely not necessary, and on the other hand, your answer may turn out to be wrong.

More tips for you: With this body language trick, you’ll instantly appear more confident. How to change your tone of voice to make your voice stronger, and these self-love exercises will make you less vulnerable to other people’s comments.

reflect yourself

What situations can you think of where you would like to show more speakers? What would it take for a better counterattack and how would you like to respond to that in the future? These practical examples and exercises can be very helpful!

Be classy

If the other person’s comments have lost their level and become really inappropriate, don’t engage in them. Your meter should reflect your superiority, but you don’t need to stoop to that level. Sometimes someone takes a bad attitude or attacks you on a personal level – and then you show detachment by responding with silence and looking deeply into the person’s eyes instead of responding. It can work wonders!

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3 tactics help right away

In addition to charm and wit, there are also tactics you can use to give a good response. Try it with this:

Reflex tactic

Here you just turn the tables and strike with the same weapons. Like former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example. Mrs. Astor told him, “If I were your wife, I would put poison in your coffee.” Churchill replied, “And if I were your husband, I would drink it.”

courtesy tactic

With this tactic, you don’t respond specifically to what the other person said, but ironically compliment him or her. For example: “I wouldn’t wear those pants if I were you.” Your answer: “Thank you for the advice. I never thought you’d have such an understanding of fashion.”

translation tactic

With this tactic, you translate what is being said into your own words and pass the wit on to your counterpart. Here’s an example: “You don’t look good today.” to which you can reply, “I guess that means I’m super cool today.” This way you make sure that the insult does not come down on you the way your counterpart intended and thus gets rid of the phrase.