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New FAKRO DEF Solar . flat roof window

New FAKRO DEF Solar . flat roof window

No cables, convenience at your fingertips


The FAKRO DEF Solar flat roof window enables simple installation and, most of all, without cables. It can be installed anywhere, regardless of the power source, and is ideal for refurbishing, renovating or replacing windows. The FAKRO DEF Solar flat roof window is controlled using the Z-Wave SmartHome radio standard – by remote control, radio, smartphone or tablet / touch screen. This makes FAKRO DEF Solar flat roof window suitable for construction projects where windows are out of reach, for example in buildings with high room heights. The window is brought to the desired position comfortably from the sofa. Windows and accessories can also be integrated into other SmartHome systems via the Z-Wave adapter. More convenience can be achieved with the standard built-in rain sensor. Once it starts raining, the DEF Solar flat roof window closes automatically. So you’ll never have to feel bad again if you’ve closed all the windows. The ultra-energy-saving U8 insulating glass also feels good. The heat transfer coefficient of the DEF DU8 flat roof window is Uw = 0.64 W / m, as in the electric variant2K and is therefore also suitable for low-energy and passive homes. In the standard version with triple glazing, a Uw value of 0.7 W/m . is achieved2K

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