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Kia attacks the large electric SUV "EV9" »Leadercent

Kia attacks the large electric SUV “EV9” »Leadercent

With a study close to production, the manufacturer offers a concrete look at the new electric flagship.

In November, at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, Kia presented a study of a large electric SUV based on the same electronic platform as the EV6, which was recently voted Car of the Year 2022 (Leadercent mentioned). Now the Concept EV9 has been shown for the first time in Europe. Technical information for the series model, which will launch in 2023 and then serve as the EV6’s big brother, was also provided at a later date.

Kia Concept EV9 © Kia

confident design

Kia’s largest electric vehicle to date is a study close to production. The Concept EV9 measures 4,930 mm in length, 2,055 mm in width and 1,790 mm in height. The show car even towers over the brand’s previous SUV, the Sorento. With a wheelbase of 3100 mm, the Study also has the distinction. The production model will have up to seven seats. While the EV6 is remarkably sporty and flowy, the Concept EV9 is very straightforward. The powerful, straight front with pixel lights and a massive bumper looks confident. A special feature is that the lights are completely hidden when turned off. The torsion of the front cover, which is equipped with a solar module, is striking, similar to the star-cloud pattern in the “grill”. On the side, the Concept EV9 relies on flared wheel arches. These should make it into production model. For cameras that replace exterior mirrors, the odds are much worse. 22-inch rims precisely fill the angular wheel arches. Thanks to the triple D column, there is an independent window drawing. At the rear, the roofline is extended by an integrated spoiler. The LED taillights are designed to be particularly attractive.

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Kia Concept EV9 © Kia
Kia Concept EV9 © Kia


Entry is made via hinged doors in opposite directions without the annoying B-pillar. However, in the production model, the concept of a traditional door is likely to be used. The cockpit itself is relatively modest for a show car. So we already know the basic cockpit layout of the EV 6. However, in the study, Kia went one step further. In addition to the 27-inch, interactive, slightly curved widescreen, which has a nearly frameless design, there’s an angular steering wheel that has nothing in common with a traditional roll-on. If necessary, the steering element can be folded. Some sensor buttons are embedded directly in the dashboard. There is new information about the program. According to Kia, the production model will be the brand’s first model with “over the air” (OTA) and “feature-on-demand” (FoD) services designed to allow customers to selectively purchase software features.

Kia Concept EV9 © Kia
Kia Concept EV9 © Kia

indoor modes

As for the rest of the interior, Kia’s engineers have come up with some ingenuity. There are three modes to choose from which are designed to suit different driving situations.

  • Active mode is a classic mode while driving. This is relatively normal on the Concept EV9 – as it is known from today’s electric cars. The situation is different in the other two modes, which are intended for a parked car.
  • In “paused mode”, the interior is like a lounge. In this mode, the seating configuration can be changed so that first and third row passengers sit opposite each other, while the folded second row seats serve as a table. So passengers can talk directly to each other. The large panoramic roof is designed to provide natural lighting.
  • The second fixed mode is “Enjoy Mode”. By opening the tailgate and flipping the seats in the third row, the cabin becomes a kind of restroom. Even though you are protected in the car, you can still hear everything that is happening outside behind the car.
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Kia Concept EV9 © Kia
Kia Concept EV9 © Kia


In Los Angeles, South Koreans didn’t talk much about technology. As part of the European premiere, some information was later given. According to Kia, the production version should accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in five seconds, have a range of about 540 kilometers and be able to charge electric for an additional 100 kilometers in six minutes. The current Hyundai / Kia Group electric platform is based on the complex 800-volt technology, which is used only by premium manufacturers such as Porsche or Audi. And since the production EV9 model will use the same platform as the EV6, customers can expect two-way charging (the car can also deliver electricity), different types of drive (rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive), different battery sizes and different power levels. The EV6, for example, starts at 170 hp and ends at just 585 hp.


With the Concept EV9, Kia is giving a concrete preview of the production model, which will be called the EV9 and, according to the manufacturer, will be available next year. Anyone who speculates about buying a large electric SUV in the coming years can find a suitable offer from South Koreans. (ts)