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New Feelings – FALTER.maily #1097

I don’t know about you, but I never had a doubt: I just loved summer. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t a very hot day for me, and the beach wasn’t too crowded. But I can feel it’s different now. Something crept in completely unnoticed at first, and I have to admit: I think I had early summer feelings!

Exactly this time, these weeks, when nature turns into a spectacle rampant and powerful as if overnight; where the dawn is blue and pink and there is something auspicious in the view of the sky; Those days when it’s still too fresh for most people to go swimming, but warm enough to dare leave the house with wet hair.

This time was also something special for me in the past, but only offer July and August. I now know from experience: not much good comes from it. My beautiful summer is acting like my ugly winter. The fact that we live in a time when we need not only a cold but also a hot phone amazes me every year.

Instead of the heat luring life outside, the heat pushes people inside. Exhausting, those seemingly endless summer afternoons when the sun is so bright that the kids are better off staying indoors. Often glowing asphalt, burning earth.

So enjoy the coming weeks while the music is still playing. Things don’t get better. At least not until September. I really never loved him, but he became more and more endearing to me.

I wish you a happy evening!

Yours sincerely, Nina Bernada

Benedict Narodoslavski, Katharina Kropschhofer and Gerlinde Pösler regularly report on the impacts of climate change in Walther. Not only do I recommend their stories in the Nature section (more in a moment), but also SUBSCRIBE FOR THE FREE FALTER.nature– Newsletters.

You know Klaus Super, Millie just sent you on Monday. He is also a laureate of the State Prize for Literary Criticism and, according to Benedict Narodoslavsky in our editorial office, “the strangest bird of all.” (He must know his way around, after all he runs the nature department.) Soper has now directed the great book Famous Birds – a work for ordinary people by an ordinary person, with the literary critic in his role as butterflyVogel-Wart has of course gained quite a bit of experience over the years. Narodoslawsky interviewed Sober for the current issue in the aforementioned Nature section, you can read the interview here, which is well worth a read, and the book is available here.

Now is also the most fun time to go hiking. great book”Hiking with the kids“30 beautiful day trips around Vienna you don’t need kids for”Hiking in the Vienna Woods” And “Hiking in the jungle areaEleven routes through the world of Vienna’s flora and history can be found in.vegetable walks“. I listen!

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The failure of the established parties casts a shadow over the country’s political system. Is Austria taking an authoritarian path? Attorney and publicist Oliver Scheiber poses this question in his current guest commentary. You can read his text here, his current book “The People’s Party Crisis” Available in the Butterfly Shop.

The current episode of FALTER Radio is about Antigone in the Amazon. Milo Rau will take charge of the Wiener Festwochen in 2024, bringing together the ancient tragedy of Sophocles with the Brazilian indigenous struggle for identity and land. You can hear helpful insights from the star director here in an interview with Raimund Löw.

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