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New German Open Source Low Code Platform

The new German low-code, open-source platform for rapid app development called DashJoin is now available. […]


DashJoin is a German low code, open source platform for rapid development of browser-based applications, called DashJoins. Specialized departments can create DashJoins themselves as a management application in a few days and use them widely in the company in a short time. There is investment security, as there is no connection to a provider and the code is available for free, as DashJoins GmbH promises. On GitHub, the community is working on code that is constantly improving.

“Essentially, just about anyone can create their own DashJoin very quickly and it is IT compatible,” says DashJoin Managing Director Dr. Ulrich Walther. Users need basic knowledge about queries and data models, which DashJoin relays via YouTube, GitHub, etc. tutorials that everyone can get. According to the manufacturer, components include semantics that link data silos, a global database front-end, an intuitive query editor, and a layout designer for out-of-the-box visualization.

Scalable DashJoins can be created flexibly and practically: connect data sources, create query catalogs, define dashboards and layout, use a portal application with full control of role-based access and use automated processes. According to the manufacturer, even machine learning is available out of the box.

The comprehensively managed cloud DashJoin (PaaS) costs €99 and €5 per user per month. The kernel is freely available as an open source and thus DashJoin can also be used for free via a private cloud. Here are the DashJoin links:

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