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SPÖ does not wish to purchase any other vehicles from the VW Group

SPÖ does not wish to purchase any other vehicles from the VW Group

Of the 1,210 vehicles currently in Upper Austria, 711 are from the VW group, and specifically 53 are from MAN. At state corporations, 548 cars out of 1,300 come from the VW Group. Governor Thomas Stelzer said this Thursday in response to an urgent request from the SPÖ in the state parliament. The proposal for a Red Initiative to refine public sector procurement criteria for regional jobs is given no urgency.

Stelzer: MAN will be closed

The goal should be “to get or keep a company in a location that provides quality employees, income and prosperity,” said Stelzer. “It’s bitter, almost unbearable, but immobile: the man will shut down,” seeing only a very short window of time. He and Regional Economic Adviser Marcus Achleitner (ÖVP) have a conversation “almost every day” with Siegfried Wolf “to see what we can do to make the offer more attractive to employees,” as well as with VW’s headquarters, supervisory board and MAN-board.


The state is also in “continuous” talks with a representative of the Green Mobility project. But: “Unfortunately, we have not succeeded in getting a contact person to give us an understanding of numbers, data, facts, and a willingness to go to the group.” If you are really interested in joining the site, then ask for a connection that goes out as well. The country would be happy to support that. Satellizer also called on the group to consider “how it got to the observance of closed contracts and what it would do in the eyes of clients.”


On Thursday in the state parliament against the backdrop of the threat to shut down the MAN plant in Steyr, SPÖ not only submitted the request to Stelzer, but also submitted an initiative request whereby the state government is required to define the criteria for procurement and financing in in accordance with the principle of “Better Tender As much as possible. ” “If we can’t convince MAN-Steyr to stick with the subsidies, we have to weigh us down on our market power. Club president Michael Lindner said, ‘Because it comes to more than 8,000 jobs in Steyr, we shouldn’t be too smart about that.’

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The problem of public procurement law in the European Union

In terms of content, the other parties were not passive, but the request was not given any urgency. ÖVP and FPÖ have argued with the European Union’s public procurement law, which has placed narrow restrictions here. The implication is that the topic will be discussed in a committee with experts. The Greens have said “yes to the content,” but they also want to put in place an enforceable legal framework and are also pushing for a “climate-friendly project”. Accordingly, the request was referred to the Committee on Economic Affairs and the European Union for initial consultation.

State participation

When asked about the state’s participation in saving Mann, he said in the state parliament that this was “yesterday’s idea,” and asked what should be involved: “In a company that does not have its headquarters in Austria, in one that is part of an international production chain?” Labor Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP) made a similar statement in the morning newspaper Ö1. ÖBAG has to decide on participation itself, but “I don’t know what the country should be involved in. It’s not a company, it’s a business. You have to find some form”. In Kosher’s view, there has to be an investor and “of course there has to be procedures accompanying people who, for example, can’t be taken over there.” There are already a number of plans with AMS, such as qualification measures or business enterprises. But a basic solution is needed. The state cannot provide this on its own. “

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A protest stand in front of the Chancellery

The “LINKS” initiative announced “creative solidarity” with MAN employees in Steyr for the weekend and wants to chalk a number for everyone affected on Sunday in front of the Federal Chancellery at Ballhausplatz.