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New Horizons player creates Pokemon Colosseum City

New Horizons player creates Pokemon Colosseum City

The city of Phenac in the Pokémon Colloseum für Gamecube. – (C) Nintendo

What a special kind of “intersection”. Animal Crossing: New Horizons– Players are known for their creativity, thanks to the game building tools, there are many ways to design your island. New island named by Reddit user IanThaGameShow us Vinac City From Pokemon Colosseum (2004, Nintendo GameCube) With its waterways and many buildings.

Phenac was the only commercial center in the Orre . region Pokemon Colosseum. The lesser known game is one of Gamecube’s best selling role-playing games. But that wasn’t difficult either, because the Nintendo Gamecube was only able to sell 21.74 million times worldwide. Against the Nintendo Switch 4 years later, the console with the tweaks looks outdated here. The Switch has been sold over 85 million times so far lonely Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has sold 32.6 million units since March 20, 2020.

Many players and Pokémon fans can now have their first time in Phenac City Life Simulator Nintendo Switch-See the game.

Who is the Favorite villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Dom, Marshall or Raymond? Famitsu asked his readers! – (c) Nintendo; Photo montage: Daily Gym

Pennac City: The Water City from the Pokémon Colosseum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

An “absolute” Gamecube fan IanThaGame There’s clearly a lot of thought going into the build, focusing on many of Pokémon City’s water themes. In Gamecube, the city was in a desert built around an oasis. The water games were a wonderful sight on the screen, in front of the dreary desert. The Redditor has completely taken over the town’s main well and has also incorporated many other details.

like him in Comments on Reddit He says Pokemon Colosseum for him Nintendo GameCube She played very cool and “always liked the design of the city of Vinac”. The contribution also sparked some “nostalgia” who were equally happy to see the city again.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available for the Nintendo Switch. By the way, one seems Hardware review of the adapter in the form of the Pro version to be on the march. A Nintendo presentation for June is already rumored. For a short time the console was already there Amazon Mexico included.