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This helps prevent battery issues with iOS 14.6

This helps prevent battery issues with iOS 14.6

Where Update to iOS 14.6 The number of complaints from iPhone users about Battery power Their devices. The problem appeared in previous versions and was already eliminated with 14.5.1, albeit with some iPhones It became noticeably slowerN.

IOS 14.6 shortens battery life

With the recent update it seems that the problems are now back, like looking at a Apple Support Forums Offers. But YouTubers and the media have also tested and are very biased ‘Awesome’ results came. Particularly older iPhones, such as the iPhone Xr and SE, as well as the newer iPhone SE, lose a lot of battery life.

What exactly is Problems The reason is not clear. However, a look through the feedback shows that Apple’s own apps are like Podcast app Or the Music application IPhone battery drain. For example, if you don’t need the Podcast app, you can try to delete it. In some cases this should have helped.

Waiting for the next update

If deleting these apps won’t work, you can just do one quick procedure Apple update On iOS 14.6.1 or iOS 14.7 Hopefully it is already for the audience Beta Available. If you don’t see a way out, you can switch to the trial version – but this is only recommended for experienced and risk-conscious users. Backing up before updating should be – as always – mandatory.