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Tips for ski touring and snowshoeing season

Tips for ski touring and snowshoeing season

1. Recommendation: Check emergency equipment before first round

“Emergency equipment in particular should be checked before the first day in the snow,” recommends Martin Schmidt from VDBS. This primarily involves the avalanche transceiver (LVS device). After inserting new batteries, the functions should be checked, i.e. whether the switch from transmitting to searching is working properly. A quick online search or visit to a dealer will indicate whether the device may receive a software update or even be affected by the recall.

Especially in these cases, it is worth paying attention to the material before the first snowfall. This leaves enough time for organization. The shovel and probe should also be checked: can they still be put together without any problems? The products in your first aid kit must not exceed their shelf life, and everything must remain dry and sterile packaged.

At the beginning of the season, you should refresh your avalanche knowledge.

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2. Recommendation: Work Equipment – ​​Safety Factor@betweenHeadlineTag>

In addition to basic emergency gear, equipment like skis are also worth a closer look. Are all operating values ​​still set correctly for the tourist? Ski boots can also be easily inspected for missing buckles or broken parts. Before the first ski tour, it is also useful to check the hides, as stones or grass can stick to them, especially after last spring’s ski tours, which can weaken the adhesive effect.

LVS Device: Check batteries and functions before the season!

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Even if you don’t ski, you shouldn’t neglect your gear. All buckles and points on snowshoes should be checked to ensure they are working properly. In the case of new hiking boots or winter boots, you should check if the boots are compatible with your existing snowshoes before wearing them for the first time on the mountain. When it comes to clothing, it’s also worth taking a quick look at whether holes need to be patched or the waterproofing updated.

If you’re new to ski touring, you should avoid these five mistakes:

3. Recommendation: Update your own information – online and offline@zwischenHeadlineTag>

It especially makes sense to train and refresh your avalanche knowledge before the season. VDBS recommends taking an avalanche rescue course at a mountain school. This applies to both skiers and snowshoeers. Once off-road, everyone should have basic knowledge on how to handle an avalanche situation.

If you would like to update your information online, you will receive: b. With Lab Snow from Ortovox, a focused information package. The digital knowledge platform offers high-quality content on the topic of avalanche knowledge, completely reviewed in cooperation with the German Mountain and Ski Guides Association (VDBS) as well as safety and first aid experts.

Safety check before the tour

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