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New Location & 25th Anniversary: ​​Big EPS event this weekend at Dittmann

New Location & 25th Anniversary: ​​Big EPS event this weekend at Dittmann

EPS has opened a new position in Dietmanns as a comprehensive solutions provider for complete data centers. What sets the company apart: Value is placed on energy efficiency, sustainability and people.
Great Grange. Glorious sunshine, a marquee, 200 guests, sumptuous food and dynamic management all contributed to a successful start to the party. Elites not only for the opening of the new site. EPS, which is headquartered in Maria Anzbach, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Skilled workers are a pillar of the local economy

Where other companies are having problems finding new employees, EPS has been hiring new employees step by step in recent years – about 20 employees at the Dietmanns site alone. Managing Directors – a father and daughter working together – Joseph Furworth and Stephanie Gottelder are well aware that employees are a valuable resource. “We have built a home for our employees for high quality work,” explains Frühwirth. “I’m really happy that skilled workers are available in the area and that rural areas are being boosted,” said Chamber of Commerce Zwetel District Office Chair Anne Blauensteiner, who presented a certificate marking the 25th anniversary. Groß Gerungs Mayor Christian Luster (ÖVP) is also pleased with the opening of the new site: new jobs in the municipal area and thus more municipal taxes.

A pleasant working atmosphere is guaranteed

Sound proofing is an important issue from floor to ceiling, quickly adjustable tables allow you to work while standing, there is automatic air supply and light shut-off, large lounges and there is a steam cooker in the company kitchen. Employees receive further one-on-one training on site. “It’s a pleasure to go every day,” says Jürgen Grobmüller, Technical Director at EPS.

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Energy efficiency and sustainability

The new corporate building plays a few pieces. With a total footprint of 2,000 square metres, it has been sustainably built to ensure decades of use. Equipped with an extensive photovoltaic system, more electricity is produced than consumed. Rainwater is used, among other things, for cooling, toilet facilities and salt water heat pumps. The fire prevention system reacts in such a sensitive way that a fire cannot start. The value was placed on regional construction and equipment companies. The building is adapted to the terrain, so it is possible to drive by car on three levels.

Success story with energy

Deacon Friedrich Fürst, who implemented the blessing, praised the commitment of the company’s team as “energy with personal commitment.” “It’s a great sign for vocational training, so that young people also follow this path,” says Vice-President of the National Council Lukas Brandwener, describing Josef Froehwerth’s success story. It has gone from start-up to ‘one-man operation’ to a company of 50 employees – with three locations in Austria and one in Germany. And the trail continues: “The next 25 years are still in the stars, but we have big goals,” says Stephanie Gottelder, who finally asked all guests to leave a photo as a reminder of the big party in the photo box.