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Changing the world with new energy: “Act rather than negotiate”

Changing the world with new energy: “Act rather than negotiate”

aspirin. In May, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “AWS Solutions Hub” opened on the site of the former Filmhof. Now Kultur.Region.Niederösterreich invited AWS Director Monika Langthaler and actor, author and director Michael Schottenberg to a conversation about climate awareness, environmental protection, sustainability and new solutions. Greater speed is required to implement good ideas.

Monica Langthaler: “Only the sum of great ideas will make our planet livable for future generations. We have to do it together now, it is in our hands. If we do nothing, climate change will be irreversible by 2050.”

The AWS Solution Hub now provides a platform for new initiatives and ideas that many people should be able to benefit from. Examples like the “sand battery” from Finland: Sand is heated to 1,000 degrees by photovoltaic systems, stored, and provides heat throughout the winter. Or noise shielding walls made of reeds from Lake Neusiedl, the equivalent of plastic walls, on display in Asparn.

“We want to show positively what is possible, people should be aware that their actions bring added value to the environment,” says Langthaler.

For Michael Schottenberg, the way to get there also leads through passion. “I can reach people emotionally with stories. With the power of imagination, you can make a difference and change something.” The traveler around the world, using the means of transportation in the respective country, communicates with people around the world in a universal emotional language, with humor and language from the heart.

What Michael Schottenberg finds important is what unites and also binds them in terms of the division of society and the increasing influence of extremist ideologies.

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Langthaler: “We all breathe the same air, it’s our common planet, only together we can make the difference. We all have more energy and solutions than we think.”