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New on TV: Watch the start of the new series "Navy CIS: Hawaii" on Saturday 1

New on TV: Watch the start of the new series “Navy CIS: Hawaii” on Saturday 1


Starting today, Saturday 1 brings you the first season of NCIS’ new show “Navy CIS: Hawaii.” Here, a competent investigative team solves nerve-wracking criminal cases in Hawaii.

CIS Maritime: Hawaii

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  • Starting April 26, 2022, the new crime series “Navy CIS: Hawaii” will air in double episodes at 8:15 PM on Saturday 1.
  • You can look forward to a total of 19 episodes in the first season, where exciting criminal cases are dealt with.
  • You can also stream episodes of the show live on the Joyn streaming platform or watch the broadcast.

to me TV news in April Counting from the new day tooNCIS“-Role”CIS Maritime: HawaiiThe new crime series will be like the original series at the station Saturday 1 aired. In the new episodes, a brand new team will solve exciting and shocking crimes on the beautiful coast of Hawaii.

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The successful crime format “Navy CIS” got a new branch with “Navy CIS: Hawaii”. This time, Jane Tennant becomes the first private agent to command NCIS Pearl Harbor on the idyllic shores of the island of Hawaii. Your team consists of a skilled mix of immigrants from the mainland and experienced locals.

While investigating high-profile crimes, the team strikes a balance between duty to the opera families and the state itself. Oftentimes, it’s not just military personnel but national security as well when islanders and residents share some horrific secrets.

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