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New product: Nect Sign enables legally secure digital signatures (PHOTO)


Hamburg (ots) – *Qualified electronic signature completes Nect wallet for an ‘all-in-one’ solution

* CEO of Nect Jürgens: The next step towards a comprehensive identifier system

Hamburg-based Nect GmbH now adds Nect Sign to its portfolio for a Qualified Electronic Signature (Qualified Electronic Signature, QES). With this solution, users can quickly and easily sign contracts, powers of attorney and other documents with stringent legal requirements via the app. It is necessary to have a secure digital identification before a digital signature. Therefore, the Nect wallet with the integration of Nect Sign and the successful identification solution Nect Ident combine both steps: fast and secure identification and legally binding signature.

Benny Bennet Jürgens, Founder and CEO of Nect GmbH: “Whether a user accepts QES or goes back to pen and paper depends 90 percent on whether identification works smoothly. With Nect Sign, we integrate the top-rated Nect Identity solution and a secure form of electronic signatures. eligible in our Nect wallet.”

The possible uses of QES are varied and ever increasing. In addition to documents such as fixed-term employment contracts, leases, and living wills, it can also be used to sign insurance contracts, phone contracts, applications to open a bank account, and issue SEPA authorizations.

“In addition to insurance companies, banks, telecom service providers, real estate service providers and employers in general, they can use our signature solution to develop their digitization, simplify business processes and provide modern, secure and appropriate solutions to their contractual partners. The next step towards a comprehensive identifier system and technical visibility for the next contracts to be signed” , says Jurgens.

Digital Signature – Safe and Fast

Regulated by European eIDAS regulations, a qualified electronic signature has the highest security level of all electronic signatures and can only be generated by a qualified trust service provider.

First, the signatory must prove their identity using a Nect Ident. After successful identification, the document to be signed is shown to the user for verification. Once approved, the user receives a six-digit TAN number. By entering it, the document is finally signed with legal effect.

If necessary, several people can sign a document in this way, for example when opening a joint account or granting a bank power of attorney.

about jokes

Nect GmbH is an award winning IT company headquartered in Hamburg. Founded in 2017 by Benny Bennet Jürgens and Carlo Ulbrich, Nect stands for fully automated trust services implementation with state-of-the-art technology. The technology developed and patented by Nect was first used in R+V Versicherung in 2018 in the form of Nect Ident, an online AI-based identification via an app. Meanwhile, other well-known companies, including ADAC, BARMER and Telekom Germany, are among the customer base. In addition to the Nect Ident, with Nect Sign, the company offers a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) solution and the Nect Wallet, which acts as a digital identity card and allows the digital identity to be reused in a matter of seconds.

Data security and data protection are the focus of Nect solutions. This is ensured by the complete in-house development of software components as well as the use of data centers in Germany with a very high level of security and the abandonment of cloud solutions.

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