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New PS5 firmware makes the console a little faster

PlayStation 5with the youngest Firmware Update For Playstation 5, Sony has activated the M.2 SSD memory expansion program and made improvements to the user interface, with which gamers can more freely design their control centers according to their own wishes.

Apparently, the new firmware also provides a small performance boost for some games, at least under certain conditions. The Digital Foundry YouTube channel featured in a single photo current videoSome games have shown up to three percent better performance since the software update, both in the Playstation 5 1000 series and in the recently released 1100 model.

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In an attempt, the operator of the Digital Foundry, Richard Leadbetter, ran the games “Control Ultimate Edition” and “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” on the new firmware. As a benchmark, both titles were also played on a pre-September update console. With the DMC5SE, Cut Scenes was used for this, and with the control, the Photo mode was used. As experience has shown, the version with the current software performs at an average of 1-2 frames per second better.

Leadbetter also found that these performance increases occur most often in relation to active ray tracing and free frame rate. However, in the experiment, no more titles were checked, simply because there aren’t many games on Playstation 5 that have a free frame rate below 60fps. For this reason, it is difficult to say how powerful the performance boost from the update really is. However, it is not uncommon for console manufacturers to free up resources on the device through pure software updates, which in turn ensure better performance. After all, there are other driver and firmware developments going on with classic PCs as well.

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