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The player discovers Luigi in the prototype of the Sega Dreamcast

The player discovers Luigi in the prototype of the Sega Dreamcast

Luigi She is one of the most popular characters in the entire Nintendo world. Maybe some fans will say without hesitation that he’s more famous than his brother Mario. The dear Italian in a green jacket and blue dungaree has already got his own episodic games and always has a guest role in all the popular Super Mario games. However, it has now been discovered in a very unusual place. Luigi is found in a Sega Dreamcast prototype from the SEGA GT.

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How did Luigi come up with the Sega Dreamcast?

After fans in data Super Mario 64 I actually discovered a complete model of Luigi, and the internet went crazy with this discovery. How could it have been, a cult classic now for Nintendo 64To play with Luigi instead of Mario. Unfortunately, we’ll never find out, unless ingenious users set up and run the form. The entire Nintendo community probably didn’t expect the discovery this year.

In his game, of all things Sega Dreamcast one has Luigi Discover. Twitter user CombiLaurent1 shared his discovery. Spotted the green plumber at the finish line with the finish flag in hand. The only thing this model is missing is the token on the cap. White logo with green on the front. Unfortunately, the reason for this is not understood.

Even stranger than expected

As if it wasn’t weird enough already Luigi in the Sega Dreamcast prototype from the SEGA GT to exist. This raises a lot of questions. How was it there? Did we discuss that with Nintendo? And it gets even weirder when you look at the track name. The path on which Luigi can be found is called “sonygt2”. So we have Nintendo and Sony hiding in the same thing Easter egg on Sega Dreamcast.

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