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Ross Anthony sings a song for the songwriter of Rotenturm

Ross Anthony sings a song for the songwriter of Rotenturm

“I have to pinch myself sometimes. It’s the biggest move of my career so far,” says Lukas Lach, which means “In All Colors” – a song 28-year-old Rotenturmer wrote with 19-year-old singer Maibritt.

Today, their work will be shown on German television, specifically on the “Ross Anthony Show” program (8:15 pm, MDRIntroduce it to the world, in the name of the TV show itself: the British singer and presenter will perform the song from Burgenland with Schlager star Francine Jordi.

The song was ready in 2 hours

“In alle Farben” was created over a year ago when young German singer Maibritt was with Lukas Lach for a songwriting session. “I’ve had chorus lines in my notebook since 2019. In the session with Lucas early last year, I showed him my notes and he was instantly inspired,” the 19-year-old recalls.
Lukas Lach adds, “We finished writing the title in less than two hours. And that our first song became the very song that ended up bringing Francine Jordi and Ross Anthony to such a huge audience of TV viewers, which is almost too great to believe – but it’s true.”

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