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New vaccination could mean end of malaria deaths

New vaccination could mean end of malaria deaths

The new experts say Oxford university advanced R21/Matrix M لقاح Vaccine Reverse malaria It can significantly reduce the number of children who die from infectious diseases. University scholars already have a deal with the Serum Institute in India Completed, which is expected to produce 200 million doses of the vaccine annually as of 2023.

A complete vaccination requires four doses of Matrix-M. This will allow sufficient doses of the vaccine to be produced annually to cover Who is the To immunize an estimated 25 million children in malaria-affected areas.

Not-for-profit organization No more malaria He says recent developments could mean “no more children die of malaria in our lifetime”. According to the World Health Organization, there were 241 million cases of malaria in 2020 627,000 deaths from malaria – Most of them came from sub-Saharan Africa, 80% of children.

It may be more effective than the previous malaria vaccine

in chat Lancet Journal In the published study, university scientists reported that in children given four higher doses of the vaccine, the vaccine was 80% effective after twelve months. For those taking a lower dose, 70 percent. The 400 children who participated in the study live in Burkina Faso She got her vaccinations before the malaria season peaked. Another study with more participants is currently underway.

If the ongoing study confirms previous findings about the effectiveness of the malaria vaccine, it will be better and more effective than the one approved only last year. Mosquirix (RTS, S)It is the first ever approved vaccine that is 63 percent effective. The pharmaceutical company Mosquirix produces GSK Currently 15 million annually by 2028.

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Oxford world Adrian Hill Mosquirix, which has been in development since the 1980s, paved the way for a new vaccine. According to Hill, the cost to produce a dose of Matrix-M is only a few dollars.