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New Year's concert “Cheeky” with soloists –

New Year's concert “Cheeky” with soloists –


Nearly 70 musicians make up the Styrian State Youth Wind Orchestra, which invited people to a concert at the Stephaninsal in Graz on Saturday evening. The program was a colorful mix of different genres and eras – including a guest appearance by a Philharmonic trombonist.

The New Year's concert of the State Youth Brass Orchestra was held under the slogan “Happy – Cheeky – Cool.” It was a lively program of music that brought nearly 70 members of the State Youth Wind Orchestra to the stage: from Anton Bruckner's orchestral march in D minor to Strauss and contemporary Spanish sounds to the “Tom Sawyer Suite” by composer Franco Cesarini, who was born in Ticino in 1961.

Great range up front

“Each piece requires something different for each instrument. It's fun for a clarinetist, because there are a lot of technical parts and a lot of virtuosity, fun and energy,” says Judith Schusterich. Sebastian Waltersdorfer is present as percussionist: “The interaction grows from rehearsal to rehearsal. “Music is its own means of expression, so you understand yourself on a level that you can't really express.”For the director of the State Youth Brass Orchestra, Thomas Brunner, the broad musical range is of particular importance.

Sigmund Andrášek's Styrian score “Thor” took us into the world of Germanic gods – including a guest appearance by Philharmonic trombonist and former Youth Wind Orchestra member David Luidwold. “30 years is the upper limit at which you go from being a young musician to becoming a musician. We set the maximum age because brass music keeps you young,” says Thomas Brunner.

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David Lloyd on trombone

Enthusiasm for music

Orchestra members come from music schools, universities and conservatories, and all of them also play in Styrian brass bands, says Helmut Schmid, guest conductor and director of the Federal Brass Band: “We were in Pulau for a few days and rehearsed there all day. I am very impressed by their abilities.” The youth and enthusiasm they bring with them.