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Neymar misses $1 million fine

Neymar misses $1 million fine

Neymar is known for his extravagant actions.

This time, the Brazilian had the idea of ​​creating an artificial lake on his property near Rio de Janeiro, where he likes to spend his vacations.

However, in doing so, he violated environmental regulations, whereupon the responsible authority imposed a fine of three million euros on Neymar.

Artificial lake and beach

However, this has now been withdrawn. According to a report by the environment agency INEA, no special environmental permit was required. It is said that the high fine would have caused “significant, disproportionate and even unlawful harm” to the Brazilian.

Neymar bought the property in 2016. The property is said to be over 10,000 square meters and includes a helipad, spa and gym.

Construction workers also created an artificial lake and beach without obtaining permission from the authorities. For this purpose, among other things, the river was diverted.

When the authorities cordoned off the property and ordered all construction work on the property to stop immediately, the footballer ignored the instructions: according to Brazilian media reports, he instead threw a party and went swimming in his artificial lake.

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