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Night visit to old love: Angelina Jolie causes rumors

Night visit to old love: Angelina Jolie causes rumors

What many may not remember: Before Angelina Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton and later met Brad Pitt, she was married to British actor Johnny Lee Miller. The two married in 1996. Separation followed a year later. They divorced in 1999. Now the ex-couple is again in the headlines: after Julie Miller made a secret visit, American gossip magazines wonder if the return of love is on the way.

Jolie visits ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller

It was not previously known that the former couple had contact with each other. It caused even more interest when Jolie paid a visit to her ex-husband in his New York apartment. How Hollywood Live She reported that a mother of six was photographed appearing at the Miller apartment building on the night of June 11 with an expensive bottle of wine.

Accordingly, Jolie was photographed in a brown coat and gray face mask when she was spotted in Brooklyn. The actress was carrying Peter Michael’s wine when she entered the building where her ex-husband lived. Also Sixth page Reports of Julie’s nightly visit to Miller. The celebrity portal published pictures in which the actress enters the house of her ex-lover.

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