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Choral Competition – After Krakow, the Cappella Cantabile is also in demand in Venice

Choral Competition – After Krakow, the Cappella Cantabile is also in demand in Venice

Monday, June 17, at seven-thirty in the morning, a message from the sleeping choir director Alfred Tozar, who took part in a competition in Poland with the Cappella Cantabile: “Exciting second place in Krakow in the choral competition, we traveled across at night by train, lay down on the bed, and after spending a few Days remaining, the president and choir members are still very happy.

Choirs from all over Europe and even from Singapore participate in the competition

“A trip like this provides a great opportunity to learn about a wide range of interpretations, other cultures, new ideas and literature,” says Tozar, who is greatly inspired by the work of other choirs. The joint evening concerts and the thirty-three a cappella members who traveled with him gave him inspiring insights into the choral traditions of different cultures. Choirs from all over Europe and even from Singapore were represented in the 13th International Choral Competition “Cracovia Cantans”.

“Given that a capella is an amateur choir – only a few of whom can sing from sheet music – this second place is even more impressive. “We have once again been able to successfully present Austria on the international artistic and cultural scene,” says Tozar, impressed by the performance of the capellas. The Capella Cantabile performances were greeted with enthusiasm and it was not surprising that a few of the other participants knew the choir's birthplace: “Holabrunn???”

The choir visits the City of 100 Churches, the Polish city of Krakow, and goes on a sightseeing tour in front of one of these many sacred buildings.

Capella Cantabile

In addition to numerous commitments and performances, the band still has enough time to visit one of the most attractive cities in Europe – with an important history and a wonderfully preserved medieval city centre. After all, Krakow is a city of 100 churches.

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Such contests also provide an opportunity for networking. “This is also an important thing among choirs. There are always concerts and exchange programs at the international level, and we want to be there,” says Tozar.

In addition to much recognition and second place, the performance earned the choir a very special invitation – to Monteverdi Madrigal Week in Venice. “What an honor!” Tozar still couldn't quite believe it. But what's also important to him: “A big thank you to all our sponsors, without whose support this trip would not have been possible. As a non-profit organization, we always depend on our sponsors and supporters. Now more can be added.