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The PlayStation game "disappeared" - even the ex-president is confused

The PlayStation game “disappeared” – even the ex-president is confused

The PS4 exclusive Deep Down never made it to the release. – (c) Capcom

Sometimes, there are mysteries that we won’t know in years. along with Playstation 4 It was launched in early 2013 deep down I showed. Almost 8 years later, the Capcom game has yet to be released. But what happened to her? Self Sean Laiden, the former PlayStation chief, is at a loss.

Jason Schreyer, Bloomberg Editor, recently to the former PlayStation chief Sean Laiden about the whereabouts of deep down. Think about it until he said he had “no idea” what happened to the game. We’ll probably never get to see more of the reveal trailer.

When does Deep Down appear? So far, Capcom has never talked about discontinuing the title. He may also be in “development hell” like a pirate adventure skull and bones by Ubisoft. After all, the game has already lost its producer Yoshinori Ono. So it may have been completely rebuilt or just squashed.

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Deep Sea: Ein Gaming-Mysterium?

After Ono leaves, it’s hard to say if the game will launch. Live a small chance. However, Capcom’s work schedule doesn’t seem to give much to her at the moment, after all, the next generation game is being worked on in Japan. pragmataLikely to come in 2022. There is also Resident Evil 9 as well as von Resident Evil 4 remake in development.

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A ransomware attack by Capcom also revealed some plans for the future. And without revealing any spoilers about other games: deep down he was not there. So if the game goes back into development at some point, it will have nothing to do with PS4 2013.

Renewal of trademark protection in 2020 in the USA

What could talk about the release would be a “brand entry” in the US for deep down. But Capcom did it a few years ago, so it might actually come at some point. So you haven’t completely forgotten about it after all. at least not with United States Patent and Trademark Office.

deep down It was in development for PS4 and very likely will be.