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Nintendo Switch 2: New hardware rumors are high

Nintendo Switch 2: New hardware rumors are high

after Nintendo At Gamescom this year supposedly It introduced its new console behind closed doors There should now be the first rumors about the devices Converts-successor.

Rumors about Switch 2 never stop swirling. Now Felipe Lima, editor of Universo Nintendo, is speaking out and claims that he already knows the specifications of the Switch 2. Accordingly, the device has 12 GB of RAM and supports ray tracing. In terms of performance, the Switch 2 will be between the Xbox Series S (10GB of RAM) and the PS5 or Xbox Series Additionally, the Matrix Awakens demo that Nintendo allegedly showed off uses AI-enhanced DLSS technology, although not in the newer version.

Combined with leaks from Andy Robinson and NateTheHate, we now have a pretty accurate picture of what the Switch 2 will be like under the hood. Assuming, of course, that the rumors are true.

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So we don’t have to wait long for the Switch’s successor to appear. It should be ready as early as September or October 2024. There is currently no information from Nintendo itself about the specifications of the Switch 2. Strictly speaking, the Nintendo console has not been officially announced yet.

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New Nintendo Switch Online games will be available to subscribers again in September.

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