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This Omega x Swatch Collaboration is Breaking the Internet

An unexpected collaboration is making fans watch the moon. Omega Swatch has teamed up with Swatch to offer a range of 11 models for what they call MoonSwatch. Recreate the exact proportions and celebrity styling Omega Speedmaster Moon Watchand this is quartz looking at live ceramics Cases … and their cost is 260 dollars.

The Speedmaster is a staple in the watch collection, but its current version costs around $6,400. The chance of getting it for a fraction of that – with a disc already self-signed by Omega – is exciting to a lot of people. Let’s face it, even if you already have a moon clock or have never wanted one (which is hard to believe), this is just plain fun.

Swatch Mission Mercury watch


The MoonSwatch measures the same 42mm as the Speedmaster, with every detail intact, from the hull circumference to the “stepped” sub-counters. Of course, they are immediately distinguishable from Speedmasters for several reasons. First, quartz movements dictate a specific disc layout where the sub-discs are spaced evenly across the disc, rather than the Speedmaster’s layout pushing the sub-discs toward the lower half. If you look closely, you will also find “Swatch” and “MoonSwatch” on the dial.

Since each version is set to a different celestial body in our solar system, the lunar version is the closest to the actual Omega Speedmaster. However, the other editions get some creative licenses and take full advantage of Bioceramic’s capabilities, offering all kinds of cases and colorful designs, just as you’d expect from Swatch. Bioceramic is a Swatch-specific material that uses ceramic and castor oil to create something that is lightweight, silky, scratch-resistant, and interesting.

You can get one in pink for Venus, yellow for the sun, green and blue for Earth itself, or one for Mars, depending on Prototype The Omega was made for NASA in 1972. More details for the absolute watch lover: a “90 more” dot design and a hidden “S” integrated into the center of the crystal. It is worth checking all the differences. Everyone will come Velcro is exactly what astronauts wear in their spacesuits.

While there are a plethora of collaborations these days, those between my two companies are rare hours where secrecy and competition are the norm. Omega and Swatch are both sister brands at home Swatch group, but it’s still amazing to see something like the really coveted Omega (and Speedmaster) on a $260 watch. Some may feel that it devalues ​​the Omega brand and the Speedmaster’s design, but it also shows that the Omega is fun and appeals to younger audiences – and those who can’t currently afford a Speedmaster. We would love to see more of this collaboration between watch brands.

So how do you get one? At the moment they are only available in Select Swatch Stores As of Saturday, March 26, a customer cannot purchase more than two of these. In other words, it can be really hard to get it because it won’t be available online, at least for now.

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