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"No Angels" Lucy: Suddenly Mama -

“No Angels” Lucy: Suddenly Mama –

The return of “No Angels”! On Saturday, the girl group rejoiced at “Schlagercountdown” Florian Celebrezen and an audience of millions with their hot music video for “Still In Love With You”. This clip ensures plenty of skin touches and tenderness. No Angels member missed out on anything.

Sometimes artists fall in love while they work. Let’s think, for example Stefan Mros And his companion Anna Karina, who celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Lucy from No Angels can also tell a song about this love experience.

No Angels-Lucy: I love shooting videos

While filming the music video, the Bulgarian fell in love with a beautiful supermodel. According to the “BILD” report, her name is Marcela, she is 31 years old and works as a model. The special thing: Samra is a mother of two children. She has a son and a daughter. One can assume that Lucy has already met the children. Perhaps this will help the singer slip into the role of an unexpected mother.

Lucy raves about her model

In an interview with BILD, Lucy talks about her new love: “Germany won my heart again this year. For the first time in my life, I am very happy both professionally and personally. Life has given me sunlight again.” Your Marcela is “The most beautiful and talented woman in the world!” After six years of being single, Lucy is back under cover. We wish her and the beautiful model all the best.

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