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World Record: Neil Young has released a new album and is practicing optimism

World Record: Neil Young has released a new album and is practicing optimism

The message is clear: “No more wars, just more love,” he sings Nile guy on “Walkin’ On The Road (To The Future)”, accompanied by harmonica and harmonica. He knows the future is scary, but one must ride with it on the path to better times. The flabby ballad featured on Friday’s album World Record, which exudes guarded optimism despite its flamboyant theme of saving the environment.

Directed by Rick Rubin guy He recorded a second act with Crazy Horse’s backing band this year, this time not in a barn but live in the producer’s Shangri-La studio. It is his 42nd Canadian album overall. To sum it up: “The World Record” – the title refers not to a world record but to the fact that these are songs about the world and for the world – is a pretty quirky hippie record (record, ’cause you listen to it out loud guy It looks better on vinyl). Even if there is a natural stylistic overlap with the previous “Barn”, the two albums differ mainly in the overall picture.

“World Record” is not dominated by electric guitars, most of the songs are carried by keyboard instruments. With the arrival of Nils Lofgren, Crazy Horse’s sound has recently expanded. The track “Overhead” is a good example of how it harmonizes with Young’s harmonica on the piano. On “This Old Planet (Changing Days)” the accordion chimes gently in front of the piano. The final track is a melancholic throwback to the good old days of “big blue skies and sparkling water”. This world needs salvation Nile guy He has a mission – however strange it may be, if not him, then who is he supposed to sing to our conscience?

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Coming in as a folksy waltz, “The Long Day Before” previously released single “Love Earth” as an original swinging ’60s anthem. But they also rock. Utilizing distorted guitars, “I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone)” is a typical Crazy Horse song, screaming and rocking with an anthemic guitar solo in the middle. Notes lead to “Break The Chain,” changes need to be made, and sometimes a booming guitar has to adjust the tone. The electric guitars meandering in this 15-minute “Chevrolet” are driving fans crazy guy He reflects on his passion for fossils. The Record of Words ends with a repetition of “This Old Planet”, an intimate moment in which one is Nile guy He is very close.

“Overall, we’re very happy,” says the 77-year-old of the collaboration with Crazy Horse and Rick Rubin. “We know we have something special. The music is live. Same band, Crazy Horse, but the music is different from ‘Barn’. The music is live!”

sets in early December guy Then he continued his relaunch series. His most famous album “Harvest” remastered in a box comes with an acoustic performance as a bonus (on CD and DVD) plus three outtakes and a thick picture book with liner notes. The highlight for fans will likely be a two-hour film about the creation of the classic, which is included as a Blu-ray in the Anniversary Edition.