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'No contract signed yet': Florian Silberisen announces job as 'DSDS'

‘No contract signed yet’: Florian Silberisen announces job as ‘DSDS’

Florian Silberisen was surprised by the recent “DSDS” announcement of himself. Photo: dpa / Peter Kneffel

After ‘DSDS’ sensation: Florian Silbereisen makes first surprising statement

On Wednesday evening, RTL had a real blast: Florian Silberisen is following in the footsteps of ‘DSDS’. Dieter Bohlen On the jury position – with Elsie DeLange and Toby Gad at his side. It’s been speculated for some time that the announcer had the hit star in his sights, but it seems other commitments stand in the way of Silbereisen’s.

Now the 39-year-old has personally reported to “pictureTo say. It turns out: Even the latest developments surprised him a bit. And RTL automatically ordered him to go to Munich.

New juror “DSDS” Silbereisen speaks plain language

Apparently, the “Traumschiff” star wasn’t aware of the announcement of his highly anticipated assignment at RTL until yesterday evening. When Bild congratulates him, he confesses: “Everyone knew that, except me.” It seems he has to deal with the situation first. Silbereisen adds:

She also says that RTL contacted the new head of the jury a long time ago, but yesterday’s announcement came too suddenly for him. In the end, it can be assumed that it will take some time before such an important agreement is actually ready for action. The singer was allegedly spontaneously summoned to Munich by the broadcaster on Wednesday without knowing the exact reason – He was actually going for a long walk.

Silbereisen explains how events spontaneously eventually went like this: “My day was planned completely differently. I was still in Austria And I was already wearing my hiking boots, I got a call asking if I could come to Munich. I drove home, packed some fresh underwear, and drove off.

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Warm words of Dieter Bohlen

Then RTL simply announced the message about “DSDS” when Silbereisen was still rush hour in Munich. Also curious: the knots are still not in the dry clothes. “I had to read that first. […] I haven’t signed a contract yet, everything is still new‘ explains the weary supervisor.

However, Silbereisen didn’t have to think much when the show “DSDS” came to him. “When the request came, it soon became clear that I wanted to do it!” , he says happily. He just “enjoys helping young talents”. By the way, praise for his eminent predecessor should not be missing: “I was allowed to participate in 2020 and I am very grateful to Dieter”The star finally confirmed it.



Florian Silberisen will be Bohlen’s successor in ‘DSDS’ – a former colleague admitted: “I wouldn’t have thought he could imagine filming an entire season”

Florian Silberisen becomes the new juror of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”! The fact that RTL could win a pop star and presenter of this job, not many would have thought that it was possible. After all, Silbereisen is busy – not only from a musical point of view, but also with his performances ZDF and filming “Das Traumschiff”.

But the creators of “DSDS” managed to convince him and announced on Wednesday that with pop and country singer Elsie Delange and …

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