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Regina Halmic talks about her upcoming boxing match against Stefan Raab

Regina Halmic talks about her upcoming boxing match against Stefan Raab

Former world boxing champion Regina Halmic, 47, is expecting a big spectacle in her exhibition fight against TV sensation Stefan Raab in September.

“I think it's going to be one of the biggest performances we've seen in a long time,” Halmich said. “Anyone who knows Stefan knows: he can only give a great performance.” Sports1-Interview: “He's a little paranoid, but you just have to give him credit: what he does has always been the best of the best.”

Raab, 57, withdrew from the public in 2015 and surprisingly challenged Halmich to a third exhibition fight after 2001 and 2007 in a social media post on Easter Sunday. Initially it was supposed to be a prank on April 1, but the fight is now taking place – 15,000 tickets for the fight in the PSD Dome in Düsseldorf on September 14 were sold out in two hours.

Halmic wants to prepare professionally. Halmic, who says she has not received any training in boxing for 17 years, confirmed: “I take it seriously, even if it is just an exhibition fight. But people want to see me fit. My good reputation forces me to do this.”

In the first fight 23 years ago, Halmich broke the nose of the former presenter of the TV show “Total”, and won both fights. Halmich does not believe in Raab's long-term TV comeback. “My feeling actually tells me that this will still be something very unique,” Halmich said. “But you don't know. Stefan doesn't take himself into account.”

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