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Aurelio Safina will soon appear as a policeman in an exciting TV movie!

Aurelio Safina will soon appear as a policeman in an exciting TV movie!

Aurelio Savina (43) Go under the reps! The reality TV star has actually done pretty much everything on TV – from Bachelorette die to jungle camp. But slipping now Philanderer Sometimes in a completely different role: the 43-year-old will soon appear in a real TV thriller. Not as a bad guy, but as a good cop! Proflash has with Aurelio Talk about his latest project.

crime comedy that Aurelio He will play a leading role called “Die Schönwetter-Bullen” and is located in the quiet Carinthia region of Austria. The tape is an experimental film that will be broadcast this fall on Erste, ZDF and ORF. If everything goes according to plan, then it will move to a chain. “I am one of the five policemen involved mainly. The character I play is called Leonardo and she is the operations director for operations on the Italian border. He’s a macho with a heart, but he’s always ready to say good.قول“Bon vivant explains. Next to him are also colleagues like اء Anya Kroos (64) or Philip Brennenkimmer (56) included.

But how was that actually AurelioTo act as a policeman? in conversation with Proflash traitor: “Since I’m playing the good guys this time around, it’s not that hard for me, because I’ve always found the job as a police officer relatively exciting.” The credit for the fact that the TV star got such a big movie role goes to his old friend and director Enrico Saler. Three years ago, the two worked together on a music video, in the fall of 2020 Call Aurelio Then he came and gave him a job offer!

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Aurelio Savina Bay “Like Me – I’m Famous”
Aurelio Savina on the set of “Die Schönwetter-Bullen” in Austria
Aurelio Safina, Reality-TV-Star

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Aurelio Safina, Reality-TV-Star