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Nonsense Comedy Club – Berchtoldsdorfer Isabelle Panagel on the Cabaret Road to Berlin

Nonsense Comedy Club – Berchtoldsdorfer Isabelle Panagel on the Cabaret Road to Berlin

Isabelle Panagel is only 33 years old and is ubiquitous in Austria: The Perchtoldsdorfer is a stage, film and television actress, singer and cabaret artist, who is currently touring with her fifth solo show “News from the Attic” and is part of Gerald Fleischhacker’s “The Table” Roundtable” (ORF III) as well as Oliver Baer’s “What’s New?” advisory group.

Her husband, Michael Mottig, is a comedian and writes scripts for several television formats in Austria and Germany. He advised Isabelle to accept the Nonsense Comedy Club challenge. This is the kind of German stand-up comedy that Thomas Herrmanns laid the foundations for in Hamburg in 1992. Since 2002, the club has been a fixture at Berlin’s Friedrichstadt-Palast where it presents weekly shows and also tours regularly.

“I didn’t trust myself to take that step,” Banagel recalls in an interview with NÖN. Her husband did, so he recorded it, and Isabelle had a hard time casting, as seen on “Hot Shot.” The newcomers have six minutes to wow the audience. Whoever comes into the top three three times will receive the Golden Ticket and will then be live on the Quatsch Comedy Club stage.

He also served as the international game broadcaster

Banajel gave two shows in Munich and once in Berlin: “I slightly modified excerpts from my program and immediately noticed from the audience reactions during the shows that things were going great.” Even what he said immediately after Austria’s international victory over Germany was wonderful. Good When he arrived, the versatile player was happy: “According to all these social networks, they say that the female leg areas now have more problems than the German national team’s back line.” Finally, celebrate the golden ticket.

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Now suddenly everything is different, and the “News from the Attic” tour plan had to be adjusted, because from February, Pannagl will appear on stage in Berlin and will also take part in the tour. The family including their 3-year-old son will be there. “Now I am very proud that everything went well, even though the Nonsense Comedy Club was never in my career plan,” confirms Banajel.

The opportunity to make a big splash in the cabaret in Germany is unique. German greats Ilka Bessen (“Cindy from Marzan”) and Chris Tull, among others, used their golden ticket.