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Jungle Camp 2022: Safety Precautions

Jungle Camp 2022: Safety Precautions

Plans failed

after pandemic This year had ensured that the jungle camp in Down Under could not be set up as usual Should have failedFans were very optimistic about the production “jungle camp” 2022 To be able to go to Australia again. However, the plans failed due to the increasing spread and new variants of the virus. Immediately the broadcasting station RTL was forced to “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” In South Africa to photograph. Africa fans will surely be delighted. but because of The Omicron variant has become more dangerous …

Arrive with your own plane

Safety First: Selected candidates must necessarily refer to Covid regulations in South Africa keep. To ensure this, Lucas Cordales (54) and other celebrities will likely meet before filming in quarantine He goes. This should last for two weeks and should be with a week A higher fee of 15 percent will be rewarded. In addition to this new revelation, participants must be shown With your own plane Travel to South Africa to get Maximum connection restriction to guarantee. In January 2022, it will then be seen whether all these courses of action are sufficient. We’re excited to see who will be the king of the jungle in 2022!

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