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Nordic countries combined: Lampartre crowned the World Cup

Nordic countries combined: Lampartre crowned the World Cup

The current Dream Reaper form favors Lamparter. Because the Norwegian, who won four gold medals in four world championship competitions, will also take important points away from the competition from Tyrolean with victories in Lahti and Oslo. “I’m looking forward to the last two stops in Oslo and Lahti – I definitely have a big goal there, to keep the yellow jersey on my shoulders. The way Jarl behaves, he clears the big points, said Lamparter after a conciliatory World Cup bronze finish from the big hill behind Ripper and compatriot Jens Loras Oftebro. It’s not too bad for me.”

The latter is 121 points behind his closest World Cup rival, Germany’s Julian Schmid, who is already 186 points behind. “It’s going to be a tough fight between Jens and Julian and me. If someone leaves at some point, it’s done very quickly. I have to make sure I get my performance in and then hopefully I can bring him home.”

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Young star Stefan Reitinger was able to impress with his performance at the World Championships in Planica

Rettenegger excels

In addition to the dethroned world champion Lamparter, ÖSV now has another youngster, Stefan Reitnegger, who could have a say in events in the coming years. The 21-year-old also excelled in his world championship debut with seventh and fifth places, and like Lamparter he was pleased with the bronze in the team and in the mixed. “I got two medals in my first World Championships, and that was really cool,” said Reitnegger, who enjoys running well. “It suits me very well. I’ve always been able to go at full speed.”

Mario Stecher can expect a lot from the Lamparter/Reitinger duo in the coming years. “We have two of the best guys ever and they are very young. One of them has already won a lot. Rettenegger aspires, he is at a similar level in cross-country skiing as Johannes and still has great jumping potential, which is very positive for the future, ”says manager Sports for combined jumping and jumping in the ÖSV.

But in order to be able to challenge the Superior Reaper, both of them will have to get the best of both worlds. “It didn’t work out here on the hill. If you look in the direction of the World Cup as a whole, Jo (Lamparter, NB) has the best chance of winning,” Stecher explained. “Franz Josef Rehr, who fell ill during the World Cup, returns to the team in Oslo. On the other hand, Mario Seidl is still missing and has ended his season prematurely due to health issues.

Westvold-Hansen is fighting for the perfect season

The Women’s World Cup in general was decided a long time ago. For Norwegian Gida Westvold-Hansen, it’s all about having a perfect season at home in Oslo, where the Norwegian has won all nine World Cup competitions so far, as well as the World Championship. The final competition of the season lasts three days for women. On Thursday (6.15pm, live on ORF Sport+) there will be a nature jump, and the 5km cross-country skiing is scheduled for Saturday (1.30pm).

Back at the World Championships, the Austrians kept themselves in good shape in the doubles match at the Continental Cup in Eiseners, with Claudia Borker buzzing in two-thirds. Lisa Herner had to pass due to an illness, Strian only started training again on Monday. “The goal is to fight towards the podium, where we have been regularly in the first half of the season,” said ÖSV coach Bernhard Aicher. Then, ÖSV will conclude its season on the last weekend in March at the Continental Cup in Oberwiesenthal.

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