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North Group: Austrians take second place in sprint sprint

North Group: Austrians take second place in sprint sprint

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Northern Austrian athletes Lukas Greider and Franz Josef Rehrl finished second in the World Cup Team Race in Lahti, Finland. The ÖSV duo, who already finished second after the jump, only had to concede defeat to Norwegian duo Jens Loras Ovetebro and Jürgen Graback after a 15km cross-country race after a thrilling 1.1sec final.

Third place, after 4.8 seconds, went to Espen Bjornstad and Espen Andersen, the second Norwegian duo. They were ahead after the jump and started the track ten seconds ahead of Greiderer and Rehrl. Philip Orter and Lucas Klapfer finished eighth, with a difference of 1:15.2 minutes.

“It was good for me, I improved from lap to lap. It was a really good race. I couldn’t run faster, but I am satisfied,” said Rehrl, who did not cry for the win. “The Norwegians definitely had the strongest sprinters on their team. You have no chance against Graabak. Second place was the highest sentiment.”

“Very satisfied”

Olympian Greider, who had to concede defeat at the end of the match in Graback, said: “We are very happy with the result. I surprised myself that things went so well today. I trained hard last week after the Olympics. I am now properly clean for the singles. Passage Tough and compact, we love it and it suits us.”

World Cup leader Johannes Lamparter only participates in the singles competition on Sunday (live on ORF1) after the Winter Games without a medal. Nor was Norway’s Jarl Magnus Reber, his first World Cup player, to make his debut on Saturday.

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Team Sprint (1 jump, 2 x 7.5 km):
1. Jens Loras Offbro / Jürgen Graback Nor 29: 41.4 4/5
2. Luke Greider / Franz Josef Rehrl AUTO + 1.1 2/10
3. Espen Björnstad / Espen Andersen Nor 4.8 1/13
4. Johannes Redzek / Vincenz Geiger M 19.2 7/1
5. Manuel Fest and Terence Weber M 25.6 3/12
6. Elka Hirula and Eero Hirvonen FIN 1: 06.3 10/2
7. Matthew Budd and Laurent Mohlthaler FR 1: 11.5 9/9
VIII. Philip Orter / Luke Clapfer AUTO 1:15.2 6/14
9. Kodai Kimura / Sora Yachi JPN 1:24.3 8/11
10 Antoine Gerard / Jake Blondeau FR 2: 19.0 11/7