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Norwegian Cruise Line completes seven offerings on nine ships

Norwegian Cruise Line completes seven offerings on nine ships

Norwegian Cruise Line is making sweeping changes to its onboard entertainment offerings, phasing out a total of seven offerings on nine different ships over the next few months. New shows are set to replace them, but the cruise line hasn’t revealed any details yet.

Cruise Portal Cruz Radio He posted a list of products that will not be shown and the dates they will be discontinued:

Norwegian Viva (c) Norwegian Cruise Line

“Swinging! Musicals: July 7, 2023 (Norwegian Gem)
World win: August 16, 2023 (Norwegian Spirit) and October 11, 2023 (Norwegian Sun)
What the world needs now: October 28, 2023 (Norwegian Star)
“Velvet”: September 25, 2023 (Norwegian Gem)
“The Free One”: October 28, 2023 (Norwegian Joy)
“confrontation”: November 4, 2023 (Norwegian Dawn)
“six”: January 26, 2024 (Norwegian Secession) and February 24, 2024 (Norwegian Bliss)

The information comes from an email that Norwegian Cruise Line used to notify affected employees on ships of the plans. She said the suspension of offerings is part of a broader initiative to ensure that Norwegian “operates effectively, coherently and profitably, while offering a comprehensive program of exceptional products.”

Beetlejuice / Original Broadway Company (c) Norwegian Cruise Line / Matthew Murphy

One can only speculate about the actual causes. New displays can be produced with smaller dies, saving costs. Also, licensing fees for some products can be quite expensive. However, the Norwegian may also check out other entertainment options with less effort.

On the other hand, some shows have been going on for years and it can’t hurt to activate the program. In any case, Norwegian Cruise Line will also be presenting a show called “Beetlejuice The Musical” when the new Norwegian Viva is released for the first time in August 2023. Popular shows such as “Rock of Ages”, “For the Record: The Brat Pack” and “The Choir of Man” and the recently launched “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical” are on the programme.

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