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Nova Rock – The third day of the festival started off rough and hot

Nova Rock – The third day of the festival started off rough and hot

Musically, fans of the healthy heft at first got their money’s worth: All Faces Down from Vienna filled the crowd on the blue stage with sound, and Lionheart unleashed wild fighters on the red stage. And then a rather unusual exchange took place between the artist and the audience at Barnes Courtney: the British musician, who wanted to record with mischievous charm and blues rock, pulled out two mobile phones from the crowd – or rather, they were caught in the face. After all, Kourtney said he wanted to take a picture of all these amazing people. The only problem: “Password? Face ID?” A few 0’s and 1’s later yelled, the organ was unlocked and the crowd crowded in front of the stage to fit into the frame. This is how rock and roll works.

Photo Gallery: Nova Rock – That was the third day

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Stylistically, however, Third Day should by no means be limited to this: German raps with Kasper were just as popular as well-suspended punk sounds with Feine Sahne Fischfilet. From a local’s point of view, one can be particularly enthusiastic about Bilderbuch, which is making headlines today. Where: Maurice Ernst and colleagues are far from finished, with a scooter still a night watchman for all the party people and those who have always wanted to know: “How much is a fish?”

For medics and police, it was quiet Friday night and the day before, the APA said on demand. Manuel Comosny of the Red Cross reports that so far there have been no serious incidents. The police records approximately ten to 15 reports of pickpocketing and physical abuse at the festival site each day. OAMTC kept going out to tow vehicles that got stuck in the mud. A spokeswoman said that although this is unusual festival baggage, snow chains would help.

Photo gallery: Nova Rock: Start with the rain and the mud

Nova Rock: Start with rain and mud

(Photo: APA/FLORIAN WIESER) Photo 1/24

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