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All digital |  Laptops comparison & test

All digital | Laptops comparison & test

For many people, a laptop is a constant companion in everyday life, whether for work or personal use, laptops are very important in the digital world.

With a large selection of laptops on offer, choosing the perfect one is not so easy. The type of laptop (laptop, hybrid, …), screen size, software and hardware play a role in this decision.

Basically, when it comes to laptops, it is important to choose the one that meets your specific needs. While it is important for some that the laptop runs fast and smoothly, for others it is the graphics card that is important. Learn more now and search with one Laptop Comparison Your perfect model!

Notebooks: Three Tips

  • Storage space: If you work a lot on your laptop and need many applications and want to save many documents, you need enough storage space. So it is important when buying a new laptop to pay attention to the number of gigabytes of storage space for the device. Laptops with a lot of storage are a bit pricey, but they often pay off.

  • RAM / Memory: RAM (Random Access Memory) of a laptop represents short-term memory, so to speak, unlike a hard disk, information can be retrieved from there quickly; However, these are also deleted when the device is restarted. The more RAM a laptop has, the faster it will run. A laptop with a lot of RAM is suitable for anyone who has several programs open at once or wants to perform technically demanding tasks.

  • Additional Features: Many of the latest laptops come with additional features. These include, for example, fingerprint sensors or touch screens. These features play a major role when choosing a laptop. The quality of the webcam is also important. It is useful to carefully read the technical data of the preferred device.

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