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Observing the northern lights in the Austrian sky at night

Observing the northern lights in the Austrian sky at night

The phenomenon of the northern lights is usually associated with Nordic countries such as Iceland, Norway and Canada, but it is also possible to admire the lights on Monday night in western Austria. The peak of the landscape was reached at four in the morning. By 2025, more glowing occultations will be visible in the Austrian night sky.

Austria. It was already possible to admire rare celestial phenomena in this country last April. And it happened again Monday night: The northern lights appeared as a red glow in the sky, with some webcams able to pick up the veil.

The active sun evokes the northern lights

The currently more active Sun is responsible for the lights, throwing many particles into the atmosphere, as meteorologist Sigi Fink explains on X (formerly Twitter). This process can later cause the aurora borealis. It is also possible to observe this natural phenomenon in the skies of Austria next night, but not to the same extent as last night. This is because the solar storm responsible occurred approximately two days earlier.

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The northern lights will be seen more frequently by 2025

Regarding the April solar storm, GeoSphere Austria explained that the Sun is currently in a very active phase. This is expected to peak in 2025. Until then, the frequency of geomagnetic storms and northern lights will continue to increase. In order to actually be able to observe the northern lights in the sky, you also need a clear night and clear skies.

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Observing the northern lights in Austria

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