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Oehl bei einer FM4 Private Session in Graz

Oehl on FM4 private session tour across Austria

Ahead of their fall tour, the Oehl band will be making a few home visits to FM4 listeners with new songs and new lineups.

to Suzy Ondrosova

Angie has been a fan of hers since she first saw Oehl on free outdoor tree Max saw his dream of holding a concert on his balcony during several shutdowns, and Sarah called her housewarming party “Oehlung”. This weekend, the Austrian band around leader Ariel Ohl will visit three FM4 listeners at home and give concerts in a very private setting.

Ohl’s new album “no flowers”He’s only one week old. The fall tour begins at the end of September, when Oehl will introduce himself with a new lineup of the band, but before that they have to conquer unfamiliar theater spaces: the living rooms of FM4 listeners.

In Graz, Sarah and Michael serve up delicious homemade food buffets on old vinyl discs. A strip of cardboard cutouts by Taylor Swift and Jason Mamua indicates that the two were indeed party planners. They also had live bands as guests in their old share of the apartment, but in the new apartment, FM4 Private Session with Oehl serves as a housewarming party. poor”.

Friends wait patiently in the kitchen while the band performs an audio check in the living room with a view of the inner courtyard of the old building in Graz. The old building means that the first floor is not the first but the third. The third floor, where Sarah and Michael live, looks like an attic. Everything looks like an attic when there’s no lift to load tool boxes, reels, cable boxes, and microphone stands. The hosts, Sarah and Michael, are enjoying the party from their sofa, less than two meters from the microphone. The decades-old concert tradition says the band leave the stage before invitations to appear and then return to the stage with loud calls from the audience. But Uhl has other plans. Carrying all the equipment alone after the concert is “not a solution,” so Ari Uhl begins negotiating with the hosts. “We’ll play two more songs!” “No, three!” “four!” “All!”

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It was agreed that Oehl would cover Nino’s song from “It’s Always About Perfection” in addition to their own songs. Then help all the guests load as many boxes and bags from the fifth floor into the car. Deal? Deal! The trio made the last apparition, “Keramic”, on the street for the cheerful hosts in Graz. Neighbors look down from the windows, cars brake to bypass this scene on quiet wheels. A passerby locks his parked bike on tiptoe so as not to disturb the nice weather. A successful start to private FM4 sessions and also a nice invitation to Graz, Austria, and the regular world Fall tour dates to visit.