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Street Arts Festival in Pius-Barch-Platz -

Street Arts Festival in Pius-Barch-Platz –


Pius-Parsch-Platz will be transformed into a venue for various forms of street art until tomorrow. A program consisting of juggling, dance, acrobatics, live music and clowning is offered.

It is the second largest street art festival in the city held in Floridsdorf. At the festival called “Stramankerl”, a play on words between street and delicacy, there is a diverse program of street art and some hands-on stops, says a press release from the organizers.

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Festival visitors are presented with an hourly program – consisting of juggling, dance, acrobatics, live music and clowning. The highlight of the program is the fire show on Saturday at 9:00 pm.

At the festival you will also have a chance to lend a helping hand yourself: according to the organizer, visitors can try drums or do crafts at some of the hands-on stops. You can also sample the art of juggling at the Buskers Wien juggling station. Young sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in the gaming stations of the Junior Tiger Football Club and the 1210 Vienna Football Club.

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There will also be a fire show at this year’s street arts festival.

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In a separate exhibition area, 20 artists from Vienna and the surrounding region present their own works. She added that because of free admission to the street arts festival, the street performers on site rely on hat money, which is collected from the audience after the show.

The association “Bezirksschmankerl” was founded in 2018 and is now organizing the street arts festival “Stramankerl” for the third time. The association pursues the goal of promoting, communicating and engaging with regional culture and art. The Street Arts Festival is sponsored by the District Administration of Floridsdorf and the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

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