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Off for Babys Loveday in Jungle Camp

Off for Babys Loveday in Jungle Camp

From catwalk to campfire and back: showrunner Babys Loveday must bury his ambitions to claim the title of RTL Jungle King. The 46-year-old was fired from the I’m a Celebrity reality show Get Me Out of Here Friday night after receiving very few viewer votes.

Loveday himself carried out the decision, ostensibly with equanimity. However, fellow camper Jolina Mennen wept bitter tears. A few minutes before she was fired, she announced that she and Loveday would be tackling the jungle crown that celebrities compete for in the outdoor parade. “I would be very proud to be a princess in his kingdom,” said the influencer. Unfortunately, nothing will come of it.

Loveday has done really well on the show. In his final Test he took stars with confidence, and in the camp his regular hand sometimes prevented worse crescendos. However, he has recently clashed with singer Lucas Cordalis himself. He’s not the first model to have to leave the show — Tessa Bergmeier, among others, has already picked him up before.

However, on Friday’s show, Papis Loveday also had relatively little screen time. Instead, there were deeper insights into the inner life of the well-travelled Lady of Truth Jameela Rowe. “Man, sometimes I wonder why I’m still doing all this to myself at my age,” she admitted. “Why don’t I have a job somewhere?”

But Rowe also talked about her son, the image he holds of her and how she wanted to see him more often. And about the fact that she would really like to study. “I wish I could be a lawyer,” said Rowe.

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This time, Julina Menen and singer Cosimo Cettiulo, who screamed hysterically as usual and sometimes wore a stray water dragon on his head, had to test the jungle. The duo were placed in tanks of water for testing. In the end it was enough for three out of six stars. Sunday’s final.