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Premiere of Ötzl: Auto Neurorre.  Eclipse Hope in Langenfeld

Premiere of Ötzl: Auto Neurorre. Eclipse Hope in Langenfeld

On November 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the cultural department in Langenfeld invited her to attend the premiere of Ötztal.

Since 2019, the movie “Otto Neururer. Watching the hoped-for eclipse on cinema screens, film festivals and screens internationally. It was presented in Langenfeld on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Otto Neurorer was a priest from Tyrol who did not acquiesce in the Nazi regime. His attitude to life for the living of humanity, with the premise that “all men are equal before God”, brought him into conflict with the National Socialists. Otto Neururrer paid for his resilience, and was murdered in the Buchenwald concentration camp. In 1997 he was beatified.

“Otto Neururer, Hoffnungsvolle Darkness” – multiple awards, subtitled and dubbed many times in different languages

The evening in Langenfeld with the screening of the film “Otto Neurerer. The Darkness of Hope ”shows that great interest in the story of Priest Otto Neurerer has not decreased since its premiere in October 2019.

Meanwhile, the film won several awards at international festivals. The film musical by Bernhard Faulkner and Ötztal musician Marlon Brantl, who wrote the title song “Bist du bei mir” for the film and interpreted it with “TyRoll”, was awarded Best Music at the International Sound and Music Festival in Pula/Croatia. There is a translation in French and another in Italian.

“Direction is coordination and teamwork.” – Director Hermann Weiskopf.

In the discussion that followed the screening of the film, director Hermann Weiskopf spoke about the production of the film. He emphasized that the film project can only be done in a good team. From the idea of ​​dedicating a movie image to the priest Otto Neurorer to the premiere of Ötztal, many intermediate steps had to be taken and many people were inspired by the idea.

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Above all, actor Otfried Fischer, with his cinematic passion, has played a major role in getting the co-starring actors and actresses into an exciting cast. Among others, there will be Julia Gschnitzer and Karl Merkatz.

Historical data is easy to search, many sources are available in a variety of archives about Otto Neurorer’s life and struggles and has been summed up by screenwriter Peter Meyer.
“This film is proof that you can always create great things with a professional team in Tyrol,” says director Hermann Weiskopf. “It is important that we make films against oblivion. The past is important so that we can orient ourselves in the present.”

Links to the trailer and the movie

Music video for “Are You With Me”