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Old Car Exit – Horn District: Zwutschki Pomali set off for Falco

Old Car Exit – Horn District: Zwutschki Pomali set off for Falco

The Eggenburg Vocational School was the starting point for the “Zwutschki Pomali” vintage car excursion. Under the direction of former Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter and Christian Bauers of the Association for the Preservation of Artistic and Historically Valuable Cultural Assets, 55 participants were sent to the course.

Brandstetter made a popular checkout procedure. The Bauer board teaches the start/end flag in a tried and tested way. In the first stage, the route ran through Rochice, Polkau and Thiras to Fittersfeld. There, in front of the “Gasthaus zum Weißen Rössel”, there was the opportunity to view the classic vehicles of the participants, from Zwutschkis such as the Felber Autoroller TL 1954 and Ford Model A 1928 to the Opel Ascona and Mini to larger vintage cars. But also Bomali were on the way very slowly.

There is also an electric car from the eighties

The ‘Old Boys’ started with No. 1 Norbert Milius and as co-driver Teresa Engelmayer on a 1954 Philliper motorcycle. There was a rare NSU Ro 80 from Germany fitted with the famous Wankel engine for the first time, driven by the president of the International Wankel Club, Gunter Olsowski. Former security director Franz Brucher was traveling in an Opel Ascona, Wolfgang Brandstetter with the first electric car from the 1980s, the Fiat Panda, a former Brandstetter police car, and was glad that this car had obtained an old car registration for Austria.

Salute to the falcon

Also present were the head of the museum, Emmerich Grath, the doctor Gerald Ubeck and, after the second stage (stop in Gaul), State Councilor Ludwig Schleretsko with his Citroen 2 CV. In Gars, the participants visited Villa Falco. Then they went back to the vocational school for the awards ceremony. It was a relaxing ride, and this time also a tribute to Falco, whose music all participants could hear on a specific frequency on their car radio.

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