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Oliver Bucher: His father had a serious stroke

Oliver Bucher: His father had a serious stroke

With touching words Oliver Bucher (45) him dad happy birthday on instagram While sharing a sad revelation and important message: Gerhard Bucher (74) He had one severe stroke.

Regarding the series of photos in which father and son can be seen over and over again in funny clips together, the comedian wrote: “Today my father is over a year older. From the doctors and hospital staff, to the work and care of the rehabilitation team, my dad was more than lucky again.”

There are no new episodes of ‘Papa and Butcher on the Road’.

On his birthday, Gerhard Bucher was “once again sitting independently and unassisted at the desk” and doing the financial accounting. However, the stroke now also means that the father-son duo can no longer stick to their ‘Papa and Pocher Traveling’ RTL format, ‘because the stress of the trip is simply too much and it would be too stressful for my dad’. . The two-part documentary was shown on television in June 2020, among others.

However, Oliver Bucher is grateful for the offer and the associated trip to Thailand, “because no one can take away our time and memories”. The comedian then addresses his fans and followers: “Enjoy time with your family and parents. You never go back, and sometimes fate runs faster than we all want.”

Oliver Bucher: “I love you, Dad”

In the end, he congratulates his father, Gerhard, with sentimental words: “Dear Father, happy birthday and I love you! May there be a few happy years to come…”