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OlliOlli World Skatet am 8. Februar 2022 auf Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

OlliOlli World Skatet am 8. Februar 2022 auf Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch fans freak out and fly indoors elementary world Through the vibrant, living world of Radlandia. In search of Gnarvana, they grind and deceive in order to discover the mysterious skater deities. You will traverse a world that is as fun as it is crazy, mastering quests and challenges and making new friends. The game will also appear on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

Jump and skate across the colorful and lively Radlandia. Meet crazy men as you use tricks, tricks and air to discover the mysterious skater gods searching for Gnarvana.

Travel to a lovable and crazy world in search of quests and challenges and meet new friends. Customize your character’s appearance, tricks, and style as you explore non-linear levels and play your own style. Challenge the world in leagues with millions of divisible levels or challenge a friend to do your best tricks. Discover the ease and complexity of the game, offering endless freedom and immerse yourself in the typical flowing gameplay of the world of OlliOlli.

elementary world It is the third installment in the acclaimed series from the multi-award winning independent studio Roll7.

Main features:

  • Welcome to Radlandia!: Travel to a ski paradise full of curious characters and colorful places that you just have to explore. Find your place in an inflatable alley or speed up in Los Vulgas and discover new tracks, new side quests, blazing rewards and opportunities for epic tricks. Everything accompanied by a carefully selected selection of IDM and Electronica.
  • Play at your level: Precise controls and improved gameplay ensure a smooth ride. Not a professional? No problem – elementary world It welcomes you with open arms, and allows new players to skate the streets and pull the Grabs way without breaking their noses on the sidewalk. Do you think you have what it takes? Master millions of unique levels in sandbox or compete in leagues against rivals from all over the world, with an intricate combo system of more than 100 moves on your way to the highest score.
  • Free development: Embark on an epic ski retreat in Radlandia and prove your skills to unlock special rewards and customize your character’s look, tricks and style. Do you want to ski in your slipper? go ahead. Put on a bee suit… why not… do something. in a elementary world Everything is allowed while you are on the board!

Pre-orders for the fast-paced game are already available starting today Nintendo eShop possible.

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