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NSünchen/vien (dpa) – Tension in love, Tension with the boss, Tension with the Bank – Six people get out of balance inside. They are all about to freak out.

But who of them started a revolution in one of the shopping centers in Vienna? On Attack – The Power of Hurt – which will be watched on Tuesdays from 9.45pm on ZDFneo – approaches the spiritual lives of the six protagonists and shows from different perspectives how they enter a spiral of frustration and anger.

Director Umut Dag’s series is based on the realistic book “Die Macht der Kränkung” by Austrian psychiatrist Reinhard Haller. Based on this model, author Agnes Pluch wrote a script in which she allows lanes of six people to cross. Their fates are intertwined. “Everyone is offended in the course of his life, every one is annoyed and hurt. However, what offends is a very individual matter, and everyone who offends often does so unconsciously. However, small personal injuries are often at the beginning of major disasters,” Bloch said in a ZDF interview on the core topic.

an actress Julia Kosice She takes on the role of successful Mira: her nerves will soon be on edge, too. She has an affair with her boss, who puts obstacles in her way professionally – he even sells a product she developed as his own. Then there are old, unresolved conflicts with her mother. Mira is smart and highly disciplined, works hard and then fails in the male world at her workplace, says Kochets of her role. Family background is an extra burden on Mira, so she is putting more and more pressure on herself.

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In order not to let the hurt show up in the first place, the actress thinks it’s a good way to always try to understand the other side. This can prevent a lot of suffering.

Alongside Koschitz, TV star Lara Mandoki plays Bettina, a young lawyer who works for a reinsurance company and must defend herself against sexual harassment. “She is quickly exposed to the machinations of the group, and is humiliated and injured there like so many others. As a young woman especially, Bettina has to establish herself in the shark tank of the economy.” She read the text in one go because she found it so captivating, says Lara Manduki. “The story is told with intelligence and excitement. I couldn’t say no.”