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On the TEDx stage?  Here comes the opportunity

On the TEDx stage? Here comes the opportunity

To everyone who always dreamed of being on the big stage and impressing people with their own words: TEDxVienna Now provides the opportunity to let the next great thought leaders have their say. Called “Next at TEDx,” TEDxVienna invites all the brightest people to present their innovative ideas in front of a live jury – with the unique opportunity to be selected as potential speakers for the popular TEDxVienna conference in fall 2024.

Next at TEDx: Searching for next-generation speakers

until October 31 We are still eagerly searching for ten inspiring speakers. In the November 6 Selected speakers will be announced. They can then present their ideas as part of Next in TEDx, a pre-selection event November 29, 2023, in The Red Ribbon at the Folks Theater Present. To take the test, shortlisted candidates must prepare a 3-minute presentation of their idea.

The live audition event provides both candidates and the audience with the opportunity to learn about the next generation of speakers at TEDxVienna.

“In this hyper-connected, information-saturated world, Next In TEDx is an essential compass for us to uncover unique and extraordinary ideas from our community. We are committed to seeking out local ideas, projects and stories that belong on the international stage. What I particularly like about Next in TEDx is the transparency of the format Next in TEDx finally offers exclusive insight “Our selection process provides clear answers.”

Would you like to participate as a candidate in:?

Yes? Then submit your idea as quickly as possible. If selected, TEDxVienna will also work with you to help you deliver your talk at the popular TEDxVienna conference in the fall of 2024.

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What should be taken into account in stadiums:

  • (Almost) every topic is welcome.
  • It must be an original idea or provide an original perspective on an existing idea.
  • No ads
  • No motivational speeches.
  • No religious or political agendas.
  • It’s not pseudoscience.

Finally, a message from TEDxVienna for those who are still unsure despite their interest: “No stage experience? No problem!” And remember, we are looking for great ideas, not great speakers.

This is where you start to request.